1:15 pm - 09/18/2018

How long should it take for Metronidazole to start working?

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed recently with BV and I have been prescriped a 14 day dose of 400mg Metronidazole. It’s my 6th day taking the medicine and I still have symptoms. I read online it should take 3-4 days for the 7 day course of Metronidazole to relieve symptoms, is it any different from the 14 days course or am I just being impatient? I’ve never had BV before so I’m not sure what to expect.
Thank you!
butterthetoast 18th-Sep-2018 03:47 pm (UTC)
The amount of time that it takes an antibiotic to work really depends on a number of factors (the bacteria, the dose, lifestyle, your body's metabolism, etc.). My advice would be to wait a couple more days to see if there is an effect and if not, to either call your dr or make another appointment.

You probably already know this but PLEASE take the full 14 day dose. If not, it could lead to the bacteria becoming resistant and will make the infection that much harder to treat.

tldr; take the full course of antibiotics and inform your dr if there's still no change in a couple of days.

Good luck
rubymermaid2 19th-Dec-2018 07:28 pm (UTC)
I have only had BV one time, but the metrogel started working after the dfirst day and more by the 3rd.

I would suspect yeast has come into the picture by that time. I would recommend using monistat or at least coconut oil with a little tea tree to see if you can get symptoms under control.

Are your symptoms smell? or itch and discomfort?
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