actorgrl04 (actorgrl04) wrote in vaginapagina,

fibroids and PCOS-updated

I had my gynecologist appointment the other day to what I thought was going to be about removing the fibroid I have. Well, when I got in there, the doctor told me that it is really small and not even on my uterine lining, so it isn't what is causing my breakthrough bleeding/spotting and I don't really need get it shrunken/froze off. What a surprise and relief that was!! I was totally freaking out before because my regular doctor said that it was possible it was causing my bleeding and was talking about getting it removed. I was all nervous about it, and thought I'd have to take off work and my husband would to help me. Thank goodness I don't now!!

Anyway, after talking about the different birth control pills I've been put on and looking at my ultrasound again, he determined that my uterine lining is extremely thin(almost menopause thin)!Yikes! Once i start my pills again tomorrow, I will also start estrogen pills with it to see if I can thicken it a bit and that helps. Hopefully it does! He's going to keep working on a solution if it doesn't.

Also, he said that its not for sure that I have PCOS. He can see maybe signs of it, but we would have to do some more tests to know for sure. You can't tell by just a ultrasound. Plus, since I haven't had problems before using birth control(at least, I don't remember having problems, since it was a long time ago), he's not concerned about it.

So, all of these worries I had with it are not even worth worrying about! I know regular practitioners can only do so much, but really? Don't worry me with talk about PCOS and fibroid removal! Just say you aren't positive and refer me to someone who can do more!

Just thought to share that, since I know i have talked about it before.
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