tryandsleep (tryandsleep) wrote in vaginapagina,

Mild hot flashes - PMS or early perimenopause?

Hello everyone!

I am on my phone so apologies for any formatting issues.

I am 26, no children, no HBC. For about last 6 months I've started having hot flashes in the week before my period. They are fairly mild (I heard people describe "real" hot flashes feeling like stepping into a furnace), I just feel noticeably warmer for a few minutes, which is uncomfortable but not unmanageable, and noone else notices. It does make me feel a bit anxious as something "unusual" is happening. This happens daily/few times a day. Does not happen during other parts of my cycle.
I've always had various PMS "symptoms" (I get moody, I cry a lot, have a headache and sore breasts, etc...), but the hot flashes have been a new development.
Because I would probably like to have children in the future, I am worried that it is the start of perimenopause.
Does anyone have experience with this? I was considering going to a doctor to have my hormones checked, but I don't want them to laugh at me if it is something normal and common during PMS.
Thank you for any advice!
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