halfandhalfs (halfandhalfs) wrote in vaginapagina,

Probably normal, but getting concerned - I recently had some life changes where I switched jobs and was under high stress for a long period of time in the process. Although I had some spotting instead of a full blown period in April, I didn’t get a period at all in May (I have a 30 day cycle and usually lasts 5-6 days, at the end of each month, and pretty regular). I figured it was just the stress and didn’t think much of it. Got my period June 5th and have been on it ever since. It hasn’t been very consistent either, ranges from spotting to full blown menstruation with some clotting. And it’s “fresh” more brightly colored blood. Any advice? I’m waiting for health insurance to kick in on the 1st from the new job I started. Is this just a classic case of stress kicking my ass?

FYI - not on birth control, and haven’t been sexually active since November.
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