8:48 pm - 06/06/2018

still break through bleeding on pill

Ah, I know I posted about this before and yet here I am again. I once again have been having problems with my birth control.

Short back story: I've been on the same birth control for 5 years, been working well up until this fall, when I was starting to have break through bleeding before my in-active week. Went to the doctor, put me on something different(can't remember what) and told me to stack them, to try to restart everything. That caused more problems. Then, they put me on something else and I still had the same problem. Finally third try, was put on Portia, was told to give it a few months, even though i was still having break through bleeding, and if there are still problems see my regular doctor. Went through 3 cycles, and almost to my in-active week(which is next week) on of course, just like before, on Monday, there was break through bleeding.

Now, I am not sure if its break through bleeding because I started the pack a little late or if its break through bleeding like before. It hasn't bad as bad as before, more on Monday but barely any(just a light trace) after that.

I am going to the doctor tomorrow, just can't see my regular one, because she isn't around. I am so tired of this, I am not sure what the doctor will even do about it. Been on so much so far. Ugh.

Just hoping maybe someone out there knows what I should do.

*Edit*:Went to see the doctor today. Put me on Apri and HOPEFULLy that should work! She said to keep her posted on the progress and if it doesn't work, then I need to come in to have my hormone levels checked and maybe an ultra sound to see if it is something more going on there. Part of me thinks I am just being paranoid over nothing. I only really had break through bleeding on Saturday and Monday, with a very little trace of it on Tuesday. But had cramps this morning. I guess better to be safe than sorry, since this shouldn't be happening at all really. After so many switches, i shouldn't have any problems. Ugh.
archangelbeth 8th-Jun-2018 06:01 am (UTC)
Fingers crossed! (My kid had been having breakthrough bleeds on a 3-months-on, 1-week-off, and finally decided to just stop with it and see if the cramps were still bad. Whereupon they skipped that month entirely, because apparently the lack of hormones confused the system. Bodies! Gah! In their case, it's bleed-control only, so there's no other considerations; in yours, if you wanted to go no-hormone... that'd probably wind up going over to iud-divas.livejournal.com. And while I am very fond of my copper IUD now, I know they're not for everyone.)

Anyway. good luck! Could just be a Very Determined Hormonal cycle and a very sensitive uterus. *sigh*
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