geo_b55 wrote in vaginapagina

Period or Implantation Bleeding?

I posted a little over a week ago about being paranoid about pregnancy. I was mostly reassured that I was most likely not pregnant because we used a condom. Well, I didn't keep complete track of my period but I estimated that I was supposed to start around April 9th, which is tomorrow. However, I started bleeding yesterday, on the 7th. I read on some pregnancy website that implantation bleeding is often not noticeable, but I've had to wear a pad and I bled enough last night that it got on my underwear. I also read that you don't pass blood clots with implantation bleeding, but I have been passing some. But I'm not bleeding at the moment, so I was wondering if my period is just slowing down for a little bit, or am I experiencing implantation bleeding?


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