10:11 pm - 03/30/2018

Fluconazole and increased discharge?

Hi everyone, I posted once before about recurrent Yeast Infections.

I had an issue with them in 2015, but it eventually shifted by itself after months of discomfort.

It unfortunately came back with a vengeance in December last year and I’ve been suffering ever since! The first time round my doctor was useless. She would only prescribe me anti-fungal creams and then when they didn’t work just assumed it was irritation and told me to get on with it. This time round I went to a sexual health clinic and they were amazing, they tested me for absolutely everything (even though I’m not sexually active) and told me I will get my results in 14 days. The consultant that examined me said it definitely looks like a yeast infection and prescribed me one dose of flucozole 150mg and told me to go back if symptoms were not improving.

I took the flucozole two days ago, I realise that that’s maybe not enough time for it to do its job and I’m probably just impatient but I have noticed my discharge is a lot heavier. I read somewhere that this could just be the infection flushing out but I’m sure how accurate this is? Is this normal? How long should I give it before I go back to the sexual health clinic?


pklemica 31st-Mar-2018 12:27 am (UTC)
While one experience does not make data, for whatever it's worth I can tell you my own yeast infections never seem to produce much change in discharge until I take diflucan or whatever antifungal the doc prescribes that time... at which point it can get so ridiculously heavy I feel at times like I'm basically raining cottage cheese. One of my early yeast infections, I went to a student health clinic and they did an exam with a speculum, which came out covered in that sort of discharge even though I wasn't seeing anything like that on my own. I sort of suspect my system likes to harbor the yeasties higher up, and it's only once they're dying off that they let go and fall further down and out. I know this is not everyone's experience, but perhaps it helps you to hear that at least one other person definitely has had this happen, so it is possible?
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