FunkyChick (goddessdi) wrote in vaginapagina,

Urinary incontinence after hysterectomy

Has anyone experienced any urinary incontinence after hysterectomy? I find that if I don’t go fairly quickly after I get the urge, I am no longer able to control it. I’ve had a couple of incidents of losing control. My job involves a lot of driving and I hate that I’m having to make bathroom stops in between my job stops because I’m afraid if I don’t I will end up losing control of my bladder and have to go change...

Also mine was a full hysterectomy, partial laparoscopic but they did remove my cervix vaginally. Im 42 and my surgery was November 2, 2017 and I never had this problem before surgery. I have been without insurance for about a month due to a job change but it goes back into effect on Sunday so I will be able to see an on/gyn after this week if that is necessary.

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