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Periods and diet change: A Rant.

So I started counting calories and carbs about a month ago, and things are going swimmingly.  However, last Wednesday marked the beginning of my first period/withdrawal bleed since changing my food intake.  And it’s been HELL.

Various resources I’ve been reading all say that your first menses after instituting a drastic diet change will probably be rough.  I thought I'd be exempt, due to being on oral HBC.

I was mistaken.

Tomorrow will be day eight of heavy bleeding and clots.  I honestly think I might weep if I pass another clot.  They’re huge and they’re gross and they feel unspeakably disgusting coming out of me, and every time one happens I have to deal with having it either on me or on my pad until I can go to the bathroom and clean it up.  Yesterday morning I swear I passed a perfect cast of my vagina.

I’m on HBC to prevent this exact thing from happening, but it’s happening anyway.  I restarted my active pills on Sunday, with hardly any change so far.

My OBGYN office is not interested unless I start saturating an overnight pad every hour.  I bled on my freshly-laundered sheets last night.  My inguinal creases are incredibly chafed and irritated from the pads.  I know I need to go commando for a couple of days and nights to let them air out and heal, but I can't because of the pads.  This experience is making me seriously consider cloth pads.  (I hadn't previously because I only get a period/withdrawal bleed every three months thanks to the HBC, so I may as well just soldier through with the regular pads.)  As soon as this period is over I am going to take the most EPIC bath.

ANYWAY.  I'm not really looking for advice here, although if anyone has any, lay it on me.  Mostly I'm just looking to rant, and commiserate with anyone who has experienced anything similar.  To anyone reading this, thank you for indulging me.


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