2:41 am - 01/29/2018

Recurring vaginal cysts

Hey VPers!

I've been suffering with a frustrating problem for a little while now and I'm not sure of what is causing it or how to properly go about treating it. I seem to be getting frequent cysts (usually one on its own at one time) or something just inside my labia majora (at the top end, not the entrance). I only seem to get one at a time rather than multiple but it's still sore and although they seem to go down after some time they generally come back. I actually went to a gynecologist recently but at the time I didn't have any cysts (I thought I still had a small one from a bartholin cyst but turned out it was gone). She said my vagina looked healthy and I discussed other stuff unrelated to the cysts. I forgot to ask her why they occur and what I can do.

Idk if this is related but I do suffer with cystic acne on my face (for about 10 months now). I'm not sure if the vaginal cysts are similar but it is strange they occur in both places.

Does anyone know what causes them and how I can treat them? I don't wanna have to get referred back so soon and its likely it'll have cleared before I get another appt.

Ftr, I'm not sexually active right now. Also I wear liners all the time as I have IC and generally have a leaky bladder so idk if that contributes to the problem. I also don't shave down there right now but was told by my doctor when I had one previously that it was likely to have been an ingrown hair?

If anyone can advise that'd be awesome as I've run out of ideas haha.
butterthetoast 29th-Jan-2018 02:35 pm (UTC)
I know it's not what you want to hear but I think you have to go back to the gynecologist. The cysts sound like genital warts to me which can be cause by HPV, a very common sti. The warts themselves can be easily treated.
immatotalqueen 9th-Apr-2018 06:10 am (UTC)
Warts don't look liek cysts although, I've never known cysts to be outside the vagina🤔
rosician 30th-Jan-2018 10:43 am (UTC)

I was told I have “cystic skin” some years ago by a gyn. I get them in several areas, but certainly in my general groin area a lot. I’ve noticed a few things over the years.

#1 they have a lot to do with the load that your immune system is carrying. If there is a heavy bacterial load or viral, they come up. I get them if I have an infection ANYWHERE in my body. Anything from a toothache to a fungal issue on my feet will bring them on. This applies to eye styes as well.

#2 Hormones bring them on as well. Any spikes in my hormonal activity and here they come. My periods get Extra Fun!!!

#3 Products make things lots worse!!! Powder (even cornstarch) are of the devil!!! I used to have a powder addiction and my condition has DRASTICALLY improved since I switched to a homemade mixture of coconut oil with a heavy dose of (REAL) tea tree oil. Again, products are your enemy in these areas!!! I’ve been wearing the tea tree oil mixture for about 4years now and I now get maybe 3-4 a year (instead of a constant ebb and flow). They come on now at the beginning of unusually rough periods and sicknesses only!!!

P.s. I feel MUCH sexier to myself now!!!

rosician 30th-Jan-2018 11:06 am (UTC)

Oh and btw, as far as using liners go, I wear overnight pads daily for protection. The tea tree oil really helps keep down the bacteria load.

rosician 30th-Jan-2018 11:19 am (UTC)

Sorry, but here’s another fun little tidbit. If you eat tons of fresh garlic (like a detox kinda thing) every one of your familiar little cysts will become like little drain channels for puss and God knows what else. Then they dry up with a little nub in it once it’s finished dumping! Again, this includes my eye stye! It’s really fascinating!!! Kinda creepy at first until you realize how much you’re actually EXPELLING from INSIDE your body!

patchworkorange 2nd-Feb-2018 02:27 am (UTC)
I actually get cysts regularly. I don't even know if I'd call them as such to BEGIN with, as they are normally just a tiny little painless lump under the skin between inner and outer lips, usually the right side. This will remain for a length of time, months sometimes not causing a problem.....and eventually grow.

That's when they start to hurt. I can only normally express small amounts of pus (only because they're hard to get hold of), and usually wake up to a large dried piece of pus from it expelling and drying during the night. But the last one I had hurt and I couldn't stand it, and popped it myself. Probably shouldn't have.....but it was gone instantly.

Until next time of course. Don't know what they are, but they're common for me.
kadevha 3rd-Feb-2018 01:52 pm (UTC)
I get them! I have to be very careful about how I treat my vagina. A scrape of a fingernail (yep that ended up with a HUGE cyst) can lead to a cyst. It kinda blows a bit but now I know to be careful. As soon as I get symptoms of one coming on, I use a heating pad around the clock. My hubby has to make sure his fingernails are clipped & no chips/tears. I thought it might have been herpes or warts. Nope. I've had 2 surgeries to remove a small bartholin's one (that didn't cause me any issues but I wanted it gone after having it for 5+ years) and that aforementioned huge one. Oh, my. That was so huge that I couldn't hardly walk.
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