11:58 am - 01/15/2018

Could I have Trichomoniasis?

Hey everyone,

So long story short, in 2015 I had a rough year with some kind of ailment down there. I had extremely heavy discharge and my labia was sore and irritated. When visiting my doctors I assumed I had a yeast infection of some sort, they took swabs and sent me away with antifungal cream. The swabs came back and the doctor told me that they didn’t pick anything up and told me it was probably just irratation to something. This for lasted months until eventually it became less occurrent to the point where I didn’t notice it anymore.

Fast forward to December 2017. I’m starting to experience some discomfort, burning when I urinate, discharge, itchiness and irritation to my labia. Again I assumed it’s probably just a yeast infection but will no success with the antifungal cream, I’m back to square one. I’m experiencing a lot of pain, especially when I urinate. Also, my vagina is very sore and sensitive, if I were to stick my finger up it I often ended up wincing in pain. My discharge is cream/yellow coloured and doesn’t seem to have much of a odour to it.

I’ve never had any kind of sexual experience of any kind so I don’t think they would of tested for STDs when they took my last swabs. I read about Trichomoniasis and apparently it can be caught through shared towels and I’m wondering if that could a possibility or I’m just being paranoid? I honestly have no idea what it could be and I’m worried in case the doctors will just send me away again without really helping. If anyone could offer any advice, it’d be greatly appreciated!

archangelbeth 16th-Jan-2018 05:42 am (UTC)
It does sound like some kind of issue, yeah. Is there a free STD clinic in the area, if the doctors are expensive? I'd suggest asking them to check pH (in case you have BV or the relatively uncommon reverse of too much "good" bacteria making things a little too acidic), yeast, and trich in case there's shared towels or something. You might also want to consider the possibility of an allergic reaction, which could be to detergent or a weird food allergy (sometimes you can eat something and be ok, but when the molecules filter to the vaginal secretions, it can cause a contact irritation; not common, but I wouldn't rule it out, either).

But anyway, it's worth reminding doctors that just because they tested for X and it wasn't X, doesn't mean that they're finished. They have to figure out what it IS, not just say, "Welp, not yeast! Bye!"

Good luck!!! Mystery pain is stressful.
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