actorgrl04 (actorgrl04) wrote in vaginapagina,

birth control frustration!

SERIOUSLY, so tired of all of these issues Sprinterec is giving me!! First breakthrough bleeding the first week on it(my fault for missing one pill and taking it the next day). Then, 4 days of breakthrough bleeding, as I am stacking packs(doctor ordered it). Had that breakthrough bleeding the first week of my second pack(which if I wasn't stacking, it would of been my inactive week). Then, after sex on Saturday, breakthrough bleeding. Stopped for a day, then after having a BM(sorry, TMI) yesterday, happened again. I was brief and had nothing the rest of the night and into today, until I had a BM again. AH!

After emailing the doc back and forth, decided to go in next Wednesday(soonest I could get in).

I don't know what is going on. Is this low progesterone again? ( I switched from Microgestin to sprinterec because of that) or something else?

I know I won't find many answers here, just venting. Maybe someone has experienced this before?
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