creepout86 (creepout86) wrote in vaginapagina,

Cleaning cloth pads, the lazy way?

Hi everyone. I have been using cloth pads for over a year now, and in this time I had access to a private washing machine. I would dry store them until my period was over, then before washing I would do a cold water soak in a bucket, with or without Oxi clean.

I'd then stain treat each pad and wash on hot water. Most of the time they'd come out perfect.

Well,I recently moved into an apartment, and I have only access to a laundromat. I'm a little concerned about washing them at the laundromat. I was wondering if it would be possible to get stain free pads without doing a cold soak before hand, either by using a stain stick on them dry before I put them in the wash, and wash on hot, or maybe they would come out stain free with no stain treatment at all?

The reason I don't want to do the cold water soak anymore, is because doing laundry at the laundromat is time consuming and laboring enough as it is, I really would like to just cut out the soaking step. Also, since they are industrial machines, I thought they might wash better?

Does anyone have any experience with this at all?
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