8:20 pm - 11/02/2017

IUD dislodged?

I have had my iud for about 3 years now. Today I was feeling around in there and I felt my strings, but like all of my strings. It has never been that easy to feel so much of them. Now, I am cramping a little, but I cramp off and on all month. I dont feel any severe pain. I can feel my cervix pretty easily too. Is it possible my cervis is just sitting low right now and the strings arent wrapped around my cervix, like it use to be? I have a doctor appt for tuesday, but I dont know if they even do ultrasounds at this clinic.
I will say, I only feel strings and when I touch my cervix I dont feel pain.
patchworkorange 3rd-Nov-2017 11:43 am (UTC)
My thought is no, it's not dislodged. If you feel your strings and your cervix, you're just at the time of your month when your uterus is low.

You're good! :)
creepout86 5th-Nov-2017 09:45 pm (UTC)
You are probably not expelling, so don't get too worried about it. Your cervix does move up and down during your cycle, and most likely that's why your strings feel so long right now.

A sign that you are expelling, would be if you felt the tip of your iud protruding from your cervical os. If you don't feel a hard tip of plastic at your cervical opening, you're most likely not expelling. Good thing to get checked out though, if only for peace of mind!
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