teachercurious (teachercurious) wrote in vaginapagina,

Undiagnoses illness

Sometime in June I was diagnosed with Trich given medicine and it cleared all the symptoms except for lower abdominal cramping. Went back to the gyno and she decided to test for another infection all were negative except mycoplasma hominis which is a normal bacteria in the vagina. She gave me Azithromycin and Metro to take all at once. Symptoms subsides and came back weeks later after taking these acidophilous probiotics thinking that they will help my vagina health.

Then in July the cramping would go away and then go towards my lower back causing pain. I thought maybe it was a UTI. Was given Cipro and Macro. They did not work. I went back to the ER and was told I have an inflamed cervix. All urinary tests including STI tests negative. I was given Flagyl and doxy pills and also a shot. It was sort of clearing. I feel like I needed a larger dose or longer dose of flagyl.
What in the world is causing this! The ER Dr believe it to be a bacteria.
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