11:06 pm - 08/25/2017

this is my first entry to this community I think. I have a question.…

this is my first entry to this community I think. I have a question.

I am wondering if I can renew my BC prescription over the phone at planned parenthood, or if I must go in? I would rather not have to make a trip there because I do not drive and I don't want to have to ask my bf to lug me over there lol. Also don't want to see protesters outside (I have not seen any there before, but there could be some next time...)
tabular_rasa 26th-Aug-2017 12:32 pm (UTC)
Maybe if you got your prescription originally at that Planned Parenthood, you could call and ask (doesn't hurt to ask!), but at least for me when I was trying to get BC prescription renewed they wanted me to come in because they didn't supply the BC brand I was already using.

What I ended up doing instead-- and you might consider it, too-- is I downloaded the phone app Doctor on Demand and used it to talk to a doctor by phone. I hope nothing has changed since I did it (it was a few years ago), but I found prescription renewal easy to do over the app because you can just explain you're already taking it, you're happy with it, and you just want to continue taking it, and there's not much reason for them to deny you. It does cost $40 for the "visit," but it doesn't involve having to physically go anywhere.
archangelbeth 27th-Aug-2017 02:48 am (UTC)
As said, it doesn't hurt to call and ask! It is possible they will want to see you, though, to take your blood pressure -- as high blood pressure can A: be caused by hormonal birth control, and B: be dangerous. (Some doctors also want to do pap smears, which is often unnecessary and GRRRRR. I don't know if PP wants to do that often or not. Hopefully not.)

OTOH, there are often blood-pressure machines in some drugstores and supermarkets-with-drug stores, so you could take a few samples of that yourself and report the numbers.

Good luck!
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