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I have started seeing a new doctor and she is recommending that I…

I have started seeing a new doctor and she is recommending that I stop using the pill for birth control and allow myself to go into menopause. She things it will lower my blood pressure so I won't need any medication. I am 52 and have been on the pill for about 11 years. I then scheduled and appointment with a GYN and was given all the options of bc out there, but she could not tell me what would happen once I stopped taking the pill. Both Doctors just shrug and say everyone is different, but in such a way that I feel things may not be pleasant. I am worried about this as I have a job with no real sick time and an open floor plan so there is no privacy for when you are not feeling your best.

Would anyone share their experiences? I know that I eventually have to come off, but I had hoped with a better job with flexibility and not be in such an uncompromising place.
damsie 26th-Aug-2017 03:08 pm (UTC)
I just turned 45 and until last year in June, had been on the pill for close to 25 years straight w/o a break. I started on Ortho Cept back in the 90s and as insurances changed for me, I changed BCs from time to time. The last one I was on was one where you'd pretty much take it daily and not have a period at all. It was lovely!

What's even lovelier is not taking it.

I have felt, in my own estimation that BCs have been messing with other health issues for me for a long LONG while. From my typical, hands in the air, shrugging doctor(s) diagnosis of IBS to my years of odd non-UTI UTIs... difficulty sleeping... etc. I have had so many odd symptoms that got much worse a year and a half ago. Since I've stopped taking BC, I have been much better. It's taking me a lot of time to work with other ways of healing... but no more UTIs, so no more random Antibiotics from doctors who can't figure out what this painful bladder issue of interstitial cystitis. But my gut still has some problems and I've taken other measures for that.

I'd been put on BC for the ever-popular painful/long periods. While BC helped me with that, I'd have preferred that once/mo pain to what I've been really going through for years.

What I'm saying is. I'm happy as a clam to not be on BC any longer and wonder how much damage this has done to my gut and my gut bacteria for years and years and years.

Good luck and don't worry too much about what-ifs, is my advice.
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