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I have started seeing a new doctor and she is recommending that I…

I have started seeing a new doctor and she is recommending that I stop using the pill for birth control and allow myself to go into menopause. She things it will lower my blood pressure so I won't need any medication. I am 52 and have been on the pill for about 11 years. I then scheduled and appointment with a GYN and was given all the options of bc out there, but she could not tell me what would happen once I stopped taking the pill. Both Doctors just shrug and say everyone is different, but in such a way that I feel things may not be pleasant. I am worried about this as I have a job with no real sick time and an open floor plan so there is no privacy for when you are not feeling your best.

Would anyone share their experiences? I know that I eventually have to come off, but I had hoped with a better job with flexibility and not be in such an uncompromising place.
ravena_kade 25th-Aug-2017 03:04 am (UTC)
my Mom was in her mid 40s when she started menopause but it lasted almost 7 years . She had migraines, back aches, and her period became erratic, heavy and painful. She did not work, but if she did she would have had a problem.

I have 3 cousins that needed to have ablation procedures. They started menopause in their late 40s. One of them bled for 3 years straight and became anemic. She had to drop her employer provided healthcare and buy a more expensive one to even have the option of the procedure.

I just find it odd that I can't get anything from the doctors but a shrug... My insurance may not even cover the tubal and I do not have sick time at my job. I am worried that this may make things difficult for the next few years.
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