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Post-IUD removal questions

Hello everyone!

I had my Mirena inserted in July 2014. It was horribly painful but I got through it, and had no issues. Within 3-4 months, I had no bleeding, not even spotting. Everything was fine until January 2017, when I developed what I thought was interstitial cystits. I was taking medication for it, it was under control...everyhting was okay.

In March 2017, I started having a lot of bleeding; basically I was bleeding for 15-20 days straight, despite my never having any bleeding for almost 3 years. I thought at first that I had a prolapse of some sort because I felt a bulge in my vagina, which is charactteristic of a prolapse. One ER visit did nothing but make me believe I was crazy because the ER doctor did a pelvic and an ultraosund and said everyhting looked fine.

I was still having pain a few weeks later, only it was getting worse, so I went to my GYN. She found my strings in the flesh beside my cervix, not coming through my cervix. On June 5, I had a hysteroscopy, IUD removal, and D&C to make sure everything was fine. The surgery went fine with no complications. I had slight bleeding for a day or two and I've been doing better since then.

I wanted to return to Nuvaring, but my doctor said I had to wait until I got my first period after having the IUD started on Sunday. I started cramping very badly on Saturday night, which was controlled by Tylenol. Sunday, it started full-force - I'm talking full-on gushing blood, having to change an overnight maxipad every 3-4 hours. One thing that has me worried is that the blood is bright this normal? Also, that bulge has come back. It's not as painful but when I use my iPhone to look at things as I'm bearing down, there's "something" that appears to be bulging in and out as I start and stop bearing down. I was assured several times by my GYN both before and after surgery on June 5 that I do not have any sort of prolapse (cystocele, rectocele, anterior, uterine, posterior...nothing. I also inserted my first Nuvaring yesterday, because my GYN told me to wait until I got my first period to insert it.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Can anyone shed some light on what this may be from their experiences?  I'm worried about how much blood I'm losing when sitting on the toilet and bearing's literally liquid blood that just comes out.

On the plus side, my sex drive was gone for 3 years, and it came back almost immediately post-removal.

Thank you in advance!
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