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So recently I have thought about taking upon a menstrual cup. What's the worst that could happen I thought. Welp actually a lot can...
Spending almost 3 hours in the bathroom trying to put the thing in, and then finally succeeding at shoving the silicone blood holding cup in but it leaking everywhere. I decided to take my concerns elsewhere and look on google. It kept saying it either didn't pop open or it didn't create a seal. So I tried many of the solutions. I've done squats, lunges, kicking legs up, putting a finger up there, sitting down and moving my torso every which way. I've done many other methods, and all ending up in me looking like a mentally unstable human being and an unpopped period cup. I thought maybe it's not so bad, I'll just suck it up and deal with the occasional leaks. The time came to take it out, and then the pain. It is not fun taking that silicone peice out. OUCH is all I can say. I followed the instructions slowly breaking the "seal" I hoped to make, and then pulling it down by bringing it side to side. OMG NO. It is not the pleasant feeling I was going for, I thought this would be simple. This is complicated. The menstrual cup is my new debate upon tampons or this. I don't know if this $30 vagina cup is my new best Friend or the pain in my ass.
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