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Bartholin Cyst--possibly caused by HBC?

Hi everyone.

Back in March I started a new HBC after coming off it for a few years to give my body a break from the hormones. The decision to try it again was because my periods became heavy and painful. My first experience with HBC (Junel) was overall okay. When I visited my doc to go back on HBC she initially prescribed tri-previ-fem, but the side effects were so bad within the first few days she switched me to tri-sprintec-lo. The first period I had while on tri-sprintec was very painful and intense. Since then however, my periods have gotten much lighter and less painful. Unfortunately, I've now been dealing with a new issue.

My symptoms started early last week--it hurt to sit in certain positions and I felt a soreness to the side of my vaginal opening. I could feel it whenever I coughed. It felt like I had sat on a bike for too long. I squat and do heavy lifting at my job (while wearing jeans) and also sometimes experience straining when going to the bathroom, so I initially thought that was the source of my discomfort--possibly even a small hernia. My boyfriend and I had sex later in the week and I experienced strange vaginal pains I couldn't quite place. I didn't think to associate it with the pain I felt earlier in the week. Over the weekend the pain subsided but came back after I got home from work on Monday. That's when I felt around a bit more to see if I could find the source of the pain. That's when I found the lump. About the size of a marble and tender to the touch. Needless to say I freaked out and got an appt. with my doc.

I did some research and found out about Bartholin's cysts. I had never had one before so it was something new to me. The location and the possible causes (fluid build-up and having sex) seemed to line up with my symptoms as well. When I visited my doc that's what she suspected it was. She examined it and said that it actually appeared to be going away on its own. I was glad to hear that, because that morning I woke up to it being far less sore and noticeable. She prescribed Augmentin to be on the safe side. She didn't seem too concerned at all. Initially I was relieved but after reading more about Bartholin's cysts, I'm still having anxiety. I've been on the meds for 48 hours now and the cyst is still the same size--hasn't shrunk at all.

Apparently the cysts can remain, even when there isn't infection, whereas I thought I could take my meds and have it disappear. So, I assume that means I could possibly have this lump for life? Maybe it will go away because it's small and not painful, as opposed to others who have terrible pain and re-occuring episodes? I guess if that's the case I have to live with it, I just hate the thought of it hanging over my head constantly. I also had another thought--the gland can be clogged by changes in the amount of fluids--and obviously taking HBC changes the amount/consistency of these fluids. So could it be that my HBC is the cause of the cysts? I've never had them until now and I've been on this HBC for about four months--enough time for a cyst to grow. I had a physical back in March when the HBC was prescibed and had no cysts when I was examined. Does that mean the pill I take the ease my period could simultaneously cause future flare-ups? I'm wondering if this is something I should discuss with my doctor. I was so glad to be on an HBC that works for would be a bummer to have to go off it if it's causing this issue. I would rather be cyst-free quite honestly. I read about the more invasive ways these cysts are dealt with and it freaks me out.

sorry for the length, I can't figure out how to add a cut. Any input/advice is greatly appreciated.
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