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Raw Irritated Vagina After Period (Help Please!)

Hello everyone!

I am a new member of this community and have posted a while back about coming off of hormonal birth control pills to switch to an IUD.


This is my second period off of BCPs and my flow has been too light for tampons. I can't really complain other than the fact I had to use pads.. My period lasted 4 days (ended today) and now I am extremely itchy/raw down there. I admit I did scratch myself in my sleep last night and now have a visible scratch close to my clitoris. I applied a small amount of neosporin to the cut but my vaginal opening is itchy and raw as well. Sorry if this is TMI but when I urinate it burns so badly and I can barley wipe due to the discomfort.

My question is: Would this be from the usage of pads and having very sensitive skin? I used tampons before going on BCPs and pads which did irritate me but not to this extent. My vaginal skin has been extra sensitive and dry from BCPs (one of the reasons I decided to come off of them.) Should I try natural cotton pads next month and switch to a menstrual cup once my flow picks up more? I'm getting the Paragard IUD inserted this week so I'm expecting to have a heavier flow soon.

Or could this be something more serious?

Thanks so much!
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