maisiesmomma (maisiesmomma) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sore vagina after trich

Hi all,

I had a one nighter with an ex a couple of months ago, and I was diagnosed with trich from it. I had severe itching, green discharge, and an odor. When they tested me, she said my ph was off, and she didn't see any trich under the microscope but she was suspicious of it and started me on flagyl. Sure enough it came back positive.

The symptoms I was having stopped a couple of days into the treatment. I took 500 mg twice a day for 7 days. I ended up starting my period during the treatment. I've been off the treatment for 5 days now.

I'm writing because I'm paranoid it's not gone! The only thing I'm still left with is some paper-cut like tears or sores on one side of the entrance to my vagina. Basically it's at the start of my inner labia. It COULD be from tampons or just tender skin from the trich that I had. It hurts when urine touches it or when I wipe because the skin feels like it's being torn. Otherwise it's not painful.

I bought some ph testing strips from hobby lobby, which are probably not all that accurate, plus I'm still spotting from my period, but it turned green and read as a 7 on the chart.

I've avoided sex for about a month, but I'd like to have some tonight with the guy I'm seeing. I can use a condom but I'm still nervous! I'd really hate to infect him and have to tell him I slept with someone else while we were broke up yada yada. Should I just get retested and avoid sex? Even if it's safe? My gut says I don't have trich anymore and this is just tender skin. Just wanted some help setting my mind at ease (or not!)
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