7:01 pm - 05/03/2017

Herpes or pimple?

So I am having the usual "shit I found a bump moment". I found 2 bumps while wiping today on the left side of my vagina. They are about a half inch apart. They are fairly hard bumps that didn't hurt until I squeezed them. Puss and liquid came out of both. One is still raised and hard and the other has flattened out more(flatter one had more liquid come out). Anyone who has herpes, do they ever present as painless deep bumps like I described. I was diagnosed HSV-1 via blood test but unknown location as I've never actually experienced an ulcer.
archangelbeth 4th-May-2017 01:28 am (UTC)
I have oral herpes (aka cold sores) and that you got gunk out of both does not match how my oral outbreaks go. Yeah, they sometimes start with a "swollen bump," but the difference is that I can't get anything out of them. (I spent a while messing with one on my upper lip one time, and that's how I found out I have outbreaks on my upper lip too and not just my lower one.)

So I'd say that those are pimples or small abscesses, most likely.
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