kitterpitters (kitterpitters) wrote in vaginapagina,

The condom slipped off inside me! Should I take plan B?

Last night my boyfriend and I had protected sex twice within an hour or so using a spermicidal insert and condoms. All went well the first time; he ejaculated, urinated, and we were back at it with a new condom within 15-20 min. He didn't ejaculate the 2nd time but upon withdrawal the condom slipped off! Sorry for possible TMI, but I really had to fish it out of there and could barely reach.
I freaked out and immediately inserted a second spermicidal insert within 1-2 minutes of it happening or so. I'm also possibly at a fertile time being 13 days from my expected period.

He's reassuring me that it's likely fine since he didn't ejaculate that second time, peed prior, and I still had the effects of the first spermicidal insert (Encare brand if anyone is familiar with it) but knowing me I'm still going to worry myself sick.

What do you guys think? Is the risk great enough to warrant Plan B?

Edit: I ended up taking plan B the next afternoon within 24 hours of the incident. Spotted slightly that evening after taking the pill. And I had only used an insert the first time we had intercourse not the second. But I did indeed put in a second insert right away after the condom fell off. Still pretty worried, should I be?
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