actorgrl04 (actorgrl04) wrote in vaginapagina,

Birth control and time zone changes

I am leaving for Hawaii tomorrow, and I live in Wisconsin. It is a 5 hour time difference(Hawaii is 5 hours behind Wisconsin).

I usually take my birth control around 10-11pm, which would be around 5-6pm. Since it is considered "early" compared to when I usually take it in Wisconsin, is it okay to take it then? It would be easier for me to take it when I usually take it between 10-11pm, since that is when I go to bed, but that is 3am Wisconsin time and 5 hours later. When is better to take it?

I will also be starting a new pack on Sunday, so just have to take Saturdays on the plane. It is okay to start the new pack at a different time?

I realized this is really last minute, something that didn't occur to me until now.

Any help ASAP would help!!

edit: I am also skipping my off week to start a new pack, since I don't want my period while on vacation.
I also tried posting in a different community but not sure how active that is. Hopefully someone can answer my questions!

Edit: I think if I take it between 5pm-7pm(Hawaiin time), I should be okay still, right? That is 10pm-12am Wisconsin time.
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