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White Cervical Lesions - anyone experienced this?? I'm freaking out. :(

Hi, all, it's been a while since I've visited here, but I've tried some other forums with no responses. I tried to search here but am getting a 404 error.

TL;DR: I have "flat-white cervical lesions" according to a recent vaginal exam at urgent care and following some UTI-like symptoms. They told me it was either Herpes or Pre-cancer cells. I'm freaking out about both and would like to know if it could possible be something else and looking for others to share their diagnosis and experience if they had similar symptoms.

FULL STORY (Excuse my errors, I'm still very much in shock): I was diagnosed w/ a UTI about 3 weeks ago, something I'm decently prone to. Got the antibiotics, finished them, but symptoms came back. Went to urgent care again and they prescribed a different antibiotic and sent off for culture last Friday. Symptoms starting getting worse again, I got test results today saying no UTI. Went back in to Urgent Care and they did a bunch of "does it hurt here?" tests before doing a vaginal examine and discovering I had "white, flat cervical lesions." The took my blood to test for Herpes 1 and II. I did get tested for Herpes 1 and II about 3 years when a lying, cheating boyfriend exposed me to it and didn't bother to tell me until after he'd slept with me a few more times. I came pack positive for the common one (can't remember if it's I or II). I am now absolutely freaking out. All I can find on the internet is either Herpes or Cancer. My physical symptoms include dull ache in very bottom of abdomen, with occassional shooting pains radiating out from there and into my sides, sometimes down my legs or even arms. I'm totally exhausted. No fever or chills. I kept asking the doctor if this could be anything but herpes or cancer/pre-cancer and they said no. So again - freaking out.

I'm hoping someone here has had something similar before and can share their experience with what it turned out to be??? I'd love some real life stories instead of the either totally vague or overly medical stuff on the internet that I can't understand.
The earliest I could get an appointment at an OBGYN is in 2 weeks and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a basket-case until then.

Also, I appreciate that if it's Herpes it's not a death sentence. I'e walked several friends though the diagnosis and am familiar with the facts. I am lucky to have a supportive life-long partner (he was there with me during/after the exam) and I'm not worried about that. I am however emotionally devastated and would request that no one diminish the possible diagnosis by saying anything to the effect of "It's not that bad/don't worry." I'm in the middle of that emotionally terrifying point right now and even though I intellectually know it's not the end of the world, it absolutely feels shitty.

Thank you, everyone, I'm glad I have a safe space here with you all.
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