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Early menopause??

hi superstars!!!

I am a cisgender woman who has one biological child (born 2013). I'm almost 39 years old.  History of irregular periods with no known cause. I went on Mirena IUD about six months after birth and stopped getting periods while on it. When I went off of it , I had a few periods , but have not had another one since September 2016. I'm not on any hormonal birth control. I have had several pregnancy tests, all negative.

I saw my doctor a couple months ago and he said it could be for a number of reasons and ran some tests. I saw him for a physical yesterday. He said that it is very likely at this point to be perimenopause/premature menopause. I do have a kidney condition and have read that sometimes this can cause early menopause. He's referring me to a gyno.

I'm at peace with it and we had planned on just one child anyhow (kind of a whatever happens, happens at this point), but it has thrown me for a loop as I am still pretty young for complete menopause (yet i know it's normal for some women). What worries me now is that I've read scary articles linking early menopause with heart disease/stroke risk and even early death.

I also do wonder about PCOS. I am overweight,but got periods in the past when overweight and never was diagnosed with PCOS before. I know weight can throw off a cycle, but I've never had it happen this drastically.

I have been experiencing some hot flashes and other signs, so I'm thinking menopause is likely.

Has anyone here had early menopause? know anyone that has?  Please comment or send me a PM if you're more comfortable with that.

Thanks all!!
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