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External Pain

Hey guys,

So i'm in a little situation where i've done almost every test imaginable to see what's wrong with my lady area but it has all come back negative.

For about a year (since about January 2016) i've had yeast infections that always cleared up then came back after a week of using canistan or diflucan and basically every thrush treatment available. This began after i had glandular fever for a few months and this very unprofessional doctor that didn't know what she was doing and to be honest, neither did i, decided to give me two doses of strong antibiotics in a period of 2 months. Ever since then i've had problems with my lady area and everything just seems to be getting better and worse. I've had vaginitis, UTI's (for about 2 months straight), and thrush for the whole year. My poor gal has had no time to recover.

So recently i finally was clear of the bacteria called candida which causes thrush (i went to the doctor a few weeks after i used canistan which means that i think thrush is now gone for good or at least for a long while) which is great, but that didn't solve the number of other issues i have on the exterior part of my lady area around the vulva, frenulum of the labia minora, and posterior labial commissure. So the entry to my vagina is sore, red, and irritated normally just wearing cotton underwear and hurts like hell during intercourse with my boyfriend. Once we're onto the second round, it starts being so painful that i make him try to finish quickly. Then after this my clitoris starts hurting and and the area is just way too sensitive to even touch. Starts to only feel comfortable enough once i put underwear back on and am sitting down. The pain on the entry to my vagina then subsides after a few days but the frenulum area is always sore to even touch. The weird part is that everything internally is fine, it's just the exterior.

And to add to the list of things that are wrong with her and things that can't seem to be detected, i have a white build up of gross strong smelling stuff on the inner part of my labia major that hasn't seemed to go away for the last year (even through treatments for vaginitis and thrush). My doctor recently prescribed me some dermatitis cream which temporarily worked, but the build up returned a day after i finished use (can only apply it around the area for a max of 3 days due to the steroids causing skin thinning). I have to clean it around 3 times a day with water or it starts getting so itchy and sore. I'm 19 and don't kids or anything and haven't really been sexually active until i've been with my boyfriend about 8 months ago.

So basically, my question is has anyone ever experienced any of these or both and have any idea what to do, or how you treated it? Please help, i am desperate.
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