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Ovary pain

I have PCOS, I was diagnosed about 10 years ago. I have almost continuously been on HBC for about 12 years, they help with weight gain, acne, and a few other symptoms. for the 2 or 3 years, I have been on Lo-Seasonique. Pretty much every other pill I have been on caused me to have heavy 10 day periods, even Yaz. On Lo-Seasonique, my periods are slightly lighter, and about 6 days long.

Since November 2008, I have had on and off pain in my left ovary. In January 2009, I had an ultrasound done; they didn't see any cysts, but my left ovary was 1.5 times larger than it should have been. All my doctors have just told me to take motrin or midol for the pain. Motrin helps with menstrual cramps, but not ovary pain.

Moving around too much makes my ovary hurt, so I don't hike like I used too, too many carbs make it hurt, and the waistband of certain pants and shorts bother it as well. Sometimes I am in so much pain that I can't sleep.

In the past year, I also feel like my periods have gotten more intense? I now sometimes has leg pain or numbness, and I feel like my cramps are worse while the bleeding is lighter. And I get left ovary pain, and the waistband of the pants I have to wear at work make it worse. A heating pad helps but I am a nurse so I can't sit at a desk for 12 hours; I am constantly on my feet. I use icy hot at work and that sometimes helps.

I am calling my doctor's office tomorrow to make an appointment and I guess I am looking for advice and what to say to convince my doctor to do an ultrasound at least, but honestly, I want my left ovary removed. I may even want a hysterectomy, but seeing as I am 29, I doubt they would go that far.
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