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Post HBC

I stopped my birth control at the end of a pack in early February. As it was the end of the pack I had a withdrawal bleed, but did not continue after I would have had I continued the pills. Cramps that month were worse than I have felt in years. I was in tears. It was one of the reasons I decided to stop.

Background: I spent three years on Mirena (worst decision ever) and four months on Ortho TriCyclen.

Around the time that my period would have been "due", I had horrible cramping and increased discharge, like I would have had if my period came. It didn't.

About a week later I had weird pulling and punching pains in my ovary/uterine areas. They were like the electric shocks. Accompanying these pains was heavy, soaking discharge. That passed after about two days.

A week after that I had milky white discharge you would expect if you were pregnant.

two weeks after that and I have mild cramping like my period is coming and for the past week I have had periodic pain in my breasts, like a dull ache, mainly on the left on the side of my breast. Sensitivity waxes and wains. The position of the ache doesn't move.

Now, about two days after the last side breast pain, I had creamy discharge (like I get before ovulation and before my period) following the milky discharge.

I have taken six tests in the past month and they are all negative.

What could this pain in my breasts be? My period finally coming again? As much as I hate having a period. I hate not having it.

The mirena doesn't prevent ovulation, in curious as to why only after four months on a HBC pill that stops ovulation am I all screwed up?
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