it's a hybrid theory (rabbitfacts) wrote in vaginapagina,
it's a hybrid theory

Urgent question regarding pill and timezones

Hey there~!

Right now I'm on a pill break and having my usual withdrawal bleed but from Sunday I'm gonna be on holiday for 3 weeks. Sunday I'll be travelling on a 13 hour flight, where it'll be Monday morning when I arrive there, but still Sunday night back home. The country I'm going to will be 8 hours ahead. I usually take my pill at 8.30am on a Monday morning after my pill break, but that would require taking the pill at 4.30pm every day abroad, and I get the feeling that I might end up forgetting to take it in this case.

I was wondering if it would harm me or cause any issues if I was to start the pill on the Monday morning when I land, even if it's still Sunday night back home. That means I'd be taking it 9 hours or so earlier than my normal time.

I know it's not recommended to have a break longer than 7 days but since this is starting the pill before I technically finish my break I was hoping it wouldn't compromise me or cause any random side effects.

I hope you'll be able to advise me, I know it's silly to worry about something like this, but I take a lot of medication and I prefer to take them at similar times :(
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