Crystal (frostcrystal) wrote in vaginapagina,

The NuvaRing and bleeding (and bleeding and bleeding)

Hello VaginaPagina! I have a question.

These past couple months I've been trying to transition to continuous-use on the Nuvaring. I've been using it around half a year now with no side-effects so it's pretty stable. I usually do a monthly schedule on the ring (3+ weeks in, 4-7 days out), which enables me to put the ring in on the same day of the month and take it out on the same day.

Last month I did 4 weeks in. On day 28 I started bleeding lightly, and it didn't stop after the new ring was in, which was insanely annoying. I eventually gave up after 6 weeks continuous use, took it out and had my period.

Now here I am at the end of my ring-free week, and I'm finding that I'm still bleeding lightly. It's bright red. I'm a bit at a loss. My body seems to react to absolutely everything Nuvaring by bleeding hellaciously (I bled for 3 weeks straight when I first started), but this is a bit much... I didn't think that it was that big of a hormonal change to switch over to continuous use, and I'm starting to wonder if there's anything wrong with my rings (I'm traveling and they've been in some maybe-too-cold-or-hot places).

Has anyone here ever transitioned to continuous use of the ring? Should I just keep using it and wait it out?

While I'm at it, does anyone have opinions on a good partner contraception for the ring? My boyfriend has a deep dislike of condoms.
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