ginny587 (ginny587) wrote in vaginapagina,

Period or spotting or what on earth?

Back in the day my cycles were super irregular. 6 years on the pill fixed that. 3 years off the pill, and they're still pretty consistent.
I am training for marathon #6, so nothing unusual, and was 2 weeks away from my next period. Sunday I ran 10 miles. Monday morning I woke up soaked in a lot of blood. None of my usual warning signs had happened (discharge, PMS, junk food food cravings). Put in my cup and was bloated, moody, and tired most of the day but no cramps (very unusual if not a first).
Monday night the cup was full and it looked like a normal period (deep, deep red, thick), not like it does when spotting (light red/pink, watery). Tuesday and Wednesday, absolutely nothing in said cup aside from normal discharge.
Normally i have a fair amount of pain when ovulating; haven't noticed that at all this month, so I am not sure if I actually did.
So would this be a highly unusual cycle or spotting? Not sure how to put it in my tracking app or whether I should anticipate things at their normal time.
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