it's a hybrid theory (rabbitfacts) wrote in vaginapagina,
it's a hybrid theory

Advice needed on contraceptive pill!

Hey there,

I'm getting myself a bit confused and worrying myself over this more than I should so I thought I should turn to fellow VPers to see if you have any advice for me.

I forgot to take my pill (microgynon) around the 8th day or something and didn't realize until I was about to take the pill for the following day as normal. However, I know it suggests to double up if you miss it but I read that it can make you nauseous and because I have a fear of being sick I just took my usual pill and left the one from the previous day in the pack.

Now I've reached the end of the pack and today is the first day of my pill break. I've not taken my pill for today as I would like to stay on schedule for the seven day break, since I'm going on holiday for 3 weeks at the end of this week and don't want a bleed during the holiday. I would run into another pack straight away but I don't want to increase the risk of side effects/bleeding while on holiday.

I guess what I'm asking is if it's okay to have a break now and start my new pack as normal?

Im not worried about pregnancy as haven't had serial intercourse at any point, just worried about if it's safe for my body. If I did have sex I'd be using a backup method regardless due to paranoia lol.

I'm only concerned about whether this is safe for me to do and if starting my next pack at a normal time will get me back on track. I used to have huge bleeding issues before I started the pill so I don't wanna mess my body up now by accident. :(

Also, will there be any side effects due to missing it even tho it's been two weeks since that day? Will my withdrawal bleed last longer or be heavier or is it safe to assume that since I've not yet had side effects it's unlikely since it was only one pill?

Any advice or reassurance is greatly appreciated! Thank you everyone.
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