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Implantation or complication? Extreme cramping

My period ended on the 17th of February, making my fertile days 22-27, give or take. My boyfriend and I had sex on the 25th and used a condom. Even with that, there is always that small chance of pregnancy.I'm aware. I want to ask, however, about implantation and such. I began experiencing sharp pains on the 27th that ran from my upper abs, down to my stomach and down my left leg. Two days after we had sex. The cramping has continued every day, for nine days. This is where I have questions. I had always been taught that with implantation, you get cramping a few days before to a few days after. So is nine days worth (to date) normal?

I recently stopped taking allergy medicine for my rice allergy and have begun eating rice again, and have begun working out 4 days a week on top of my 6mile walk for work a day, so I am wondering about the possibility of my period going back to being the first two weeks of the month instead of from the 15th, as it is now.

Basically, what was implantation like for those who have gone through it? From when did it start? When did it end? Symptoms, I mean.

Edited for easy to read timeline:

2/25: Had sex
2/27: Cramping began
3/5:  Sex again
3/6: Blood on toilet paper
3/7: Still cramping: Wearing a pad just in case, but no blood. Aside from wiping that one time and having blood, I've had no more blood. Just a light brown discharge on my pad. Very faint. It's taken 20 hours to create a small line the size of half a pencil.
     As of 16:12: When I wipe, I only get a light yellow discharge.
3/8: Two pots of green tea and a single light pink smear at wiping. Still cramping.

Period due 3/13
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