jane_e9 (jane_e9) wrote in vaginapagina,

What is happening with my period? Is it even a period?

Hi guys,

I will start by saying that sometimes when I do cardio I get extremely intense period cramps, or so it feels like. Sometimes there is a follow up with lots and lots of poop. Anyways - I was on the elliptical two nights ago for the first time back to the gym in a few weeks. I was 10 minutes in, and got extreme pain in what felt like my actual vagina. I had to leave. Thankfully the gym is in my apartment. I thought I was going to throw up in the elevator. I got home and immediately went #2. The next morning I woke up with my period. That would make sense why I got the pain, however my period was an entire 7 days early. I am not on the pill or any IUD. I use an app to track my period, and my average is 27 days in between.

I have extremely bad PMS where my emotions are haywire. My cramps range from a 5 to an 8 on the pain scale to 10. This time I hadn't had any cramps prior to exercising and waking up with my period. My first two days fill my diva cup up 1/4. Always dark red and clots. This period though my cup was full up to the top, and was bright red and pure liquid. It is day two and the cup is still filling - and still no signs of any clotting. This is beyond unusual for me.

I am beginning to worry that the pain I experienced during my work out was not just regular period cramps - but instead maybe something that bursted? I have always had concerns about lumps or cysts in that entire area as I have some internal/ external hemorrhoids, and have never had a pap test. (I have an appointment with a general surgeon in a month for the hemorrhoids finally.)

Any ideas? Has this cramping thing during exercise happened to anyone else before? What about the extreme change in your period?
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