oroitadeisaso (oroitadeisaso) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hair Removal Question

Hi everyone! This is my first time posting here, despite stalking watching the community for quite some time.

For people that wax, have you really noticed any differences in how long it takes hair to grow back (versus other methods), and/or any difference in how thickly/coarsely the hair grows back after removal?
My hair tends to be quite thick and coarse, so when I shave, I can still see little dark-blonde stubs beneath the skin. And any smoothness only lasts a few hours. So I've never been that invested in keeping my body hair in check. I tend to just let everything grow until it starts to annoy me, then I whack it off and repeat the process. But I want to surprise my bf, so I'd like to remove the hair from my lower body. From my pubic area down to my toes. And I'd like to DIY it, in a minimum of time.
I'm considering waxing, but any recommendations on the method? Pain is not an issue for me, and I have no health or skin problems.

Also, MSN keeps trying to tell me that I shouldn't turn down my bf for sex (even going to the point of saying "do it anyway") because women are happier when they have sex often. All kinds of benefits are attributed to doing so: sleeping better, having less stress, higher libido, etc.
Has anyone noticed this kind of phenomenon? It sounds somewhat misogynistic to me...

Thank you in advance!

EDIT: I seem to be unable to add any tags (or maybe I'm doing it wrong?)
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