vaghypocond (vaghypocond) wrote in vaginapagina,

Vaginal skin cracking due to YI and UTI-?!

Hello Everyone!

Recently I have been experiencing vaginal cracking externally (and a little on the mucous membrane) under my vaginal opening. Not sure on the correct anatomical description, posterior labial commissure/ frenelum on the labial minora - in that area along along the creases/folds. It is only on one side, 2 thin cracks, and not painful at all- not even when I urinate! I only noticed it from slight bleeding on toilet paper and it was a tiny bit uncomfortable during wiping.

Referring back to the title, I recently had my first ever UTI. The moment I noticed it I was put on antibiotics (called monurel). A week later, I noticed that I had VERY minimal vaginal discharge, no itching and the slight moisture that was there caused the discharge to be slightly clumpy, and I developed the cracks. I did suspect a YI although it had no itching and a doctor had confirmed. After getting antifungals from the doctor and using an external cream, they went away (this was on Monday, 3 days ago). I have been using the cream since, 2x a day, and this morning I noticed the cracks and bleeding were back, in the same spot! Still no pain or itching.

Has anyone every experienced this? I recently got off BC after 9 years, I am 25, and in a monogamous relationship. Could this possibly be from hormonal changes?

Thank you!
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