Ashley (winterburg) wrote in vaginapagina,

Severe cramping/pooping

Hi, so this is kind of embarrassing, but here it goes.

For the past few days I've had some bad pooping episodes. The sudden urge to go right away, and then when I do, I get severe menstrual cramping even though I'm not on my period. I am on the pill, Tri-Cylen lo, and I am sexually active. I skipped my last period and took a new pack of pills right away because I was visiting my boyfriend and didn't want to bleed - although I still did anyway, spotting, and then heavily when I came home. This was a couple weeks ago.

So I thought maybe I was having reactions to dairy all of a sudden. It felt like I'd have the shits every time I ate something like coffee with cream or whatever. But last night I had a big bowl of ice cream and I was fine?

This morning I had eggs on toast with avocado, and just 20 minutes ago got that sudden urge again to go.

I'm writing in this community because whenever I have been going, especially just the last time, I had SEVERE cramping, like I was on my period, but 100x worse. I was doubled over in pain, crying, and sweating. I've also gotten period cramps but never this bad, never.

Any ideas? I'm currently in bed feeling okay but, shaken up. I have mild cramps and light light spotting. I'm not supposed to get my period with the sugar pills until next Sunday.

EDIT: I went to the clinic, and was told it was most likely a virus I caught (possibly from travelling, I went to NYC a couple weeks ago) and to stay away from dairy/high fat foods/caffeine for a while lol. Doctor didn't seem too bothered by the period-like cramping. Hopefully things subside!
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