stuck in reverse (starskye) wrote in vaginapagina,
stuck in reverse

Nexplanon effectiveness after 2 and a half years

Hi everyone!
I have had Nexplanon since June 9th 2014. I am having it replaced in late May of this year, so right on time and even a week or so ahead of the expiration date.

The entire 2 years and however many months, I have had NO bleeding whatsoever. No period. No spotting. Literally nothing. A week ago, I had a light period. Not much blood, but I had cramping and the usual "period feelings". It was very light, not bothersome, and has now stopped.

I'm afraid that this means my Nexplanon is no longer working. Is it possible they can expire early? I'm just four months shy of needing it replaced. I understand that irregular bleeding is common, it just seems concerning that I have had none and now I did so close to when it expires. Should I stop having sex and try to get it replaced sooner?

I've also read that Nexplanon may not be as effective in overweight women. I'm about ten pounds overweight BMI around 25 26 I believe. I've also read now that studies are being done about Nexplanon being effective for for years instead of three. Planned parenthood and bedsider are now stating this. I will still have it replaced at three years! I am just concerned that mine stopped working. I am not taking any medicines that interact with it, and I can feel it just fine in my arm as usual. Am I just being a bit paranoid?
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