Evan (einsideout) wrote in vaginapagina,

Yeast infection? Something else?

I've been on testosterone and haven't menstruated since 2010. Since sometime in December, I've had vulvar / vaginal itching. I haven't been able to get an appointment with the doctor I would normal see about anything like this. I saw a different doctor last week who told me based on the itching I described that it sounded like a yeast infection. He gave me a medicated vaginal cream (clotrimazole) to use for three days. Last Friday was the last day. When I saw the doctor, I also gave a urine sample for chlamydia/gonorrhea testing, although he was convinced that only a yeast infection would cause this kind of itching. I've now had mildly bloody discharge for several days (starting after I had finished with the clotrimazole), fairly mild pelvic pain since yesterday, and the itching is as bad as ever, or maybe worse. What the f do I do now? I still can't get an appointment with my regular doctor until something like April.

Other information that might be relevant:
I last had a pap/pelvic exam in October, and everything was fine then. I had STI testing at the same time and the results were all negative.

Edit: I saw the same doctor again, did a swab to find out what was causing it, and did a second round of treatment for a yeast infection, which made it way worse. It sort of got better on its own after I was no longer treating for yeast, but today I finally saw my regular doctor. It is BV, which is apparently common in people with vaginas who've been on testosterone for some time, and also in people who have had vaginoplasty.
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