La petite sirène (subwayrailings) wrote in vaginapagina,
La petite sirène

friction 'burn'/ clitoral adhesions

hi there. so sorry if this has been discussed, couldn't find anything about it in the tags.

for the last few years i've sometimes felt pinched by the crotch-seam of pants and underwear, not frequently enough that i even thought much of it. i assumed i'm just sensitive.

a few months ago my boyfriend lent me a pair of his boxer-briefs. i wore them for a full 24 hrs and slept in them and in the morning engaged in a bit of rubbing but immediately stopped when i realized the crotch seam was hurting me quite a bit.

the pain wore off very soon after and i forgot but then days later realized i'm having very severe pain at any fabric or object that brushes my clitoris/hood. i was having lots of intense smegma buildup that i had to blast out with the showerhead and it seemed much harder than usual to lift my hood. the clitoris itself started to turn white and i couldn't tell if it was the skin itself or if it was dead skin, but it didn't wash or wipe off. since this all started occasionally i've been having pain in my urethra as well, strong bacterial smells, and i also had my first yeast infection ever (which i treated). the clitoris pain got worse and worse and i stopped being able to wear underwear and it's become quite difficult to sit for long periods like i need to for school. i'm pretty sure what i'm experiencing is clitoral adhesions (i had felt them tear at times which was extremely painful but at the time i didnt know i should try to prevent them from re-adhering) but also ongoing pain on the surface of the clit where i feel like the friction burn should have healed up months ago, but it looks like a tear is still visible on my clit.

i've consulted w two different gynos, one gave me a cortisone cream that made the pain so much worse and the other gave me an estrogen cream that may have been what made the clit skin go back to pink , but the discomfort hasnt stopped. i've also tried using aquaphor constantly and adding boric acid to my baths. the drs so far seem to think i probably dont have lichen sclerosus becausse i am so young, but they probably are just observing me before making that diagnosis. otherwise i cant account for this weird chain reaction of worse and worse sensations. from what i can see, some people do get a hoodectomy for chronic clitoral adhesions, tho others seem to resolve it from physical manipulation over many months.
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