vaghypocond (vaghypocond) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pap Smear Confusion

Hi VPers!

Since 2015, I have had some weird results regarding my pap smears and have been having weird symptoms as well. I am outlining my results and symptoms if anyone has had similar experiences. I am so lost!

Note: I am 24 years old, no history of STDs, guardasil shots (at young age), BC for almost 10 years, and I have been in the same monogamous relationship since May 2015.

- March 2015: recurrent yeast infections, BV, ASC-US pap, normal pelvic & trans-vaginal ultrasound

- June 2015: no more YI or BV (and haven't had it since) - had no slept with my current BF as of yet

- November 2015: normal pap

- May 2016: vaginal bleeding with bowel movements (100% vaginal), went to see a gyno ........Normal PAP and NEGATIVE HPV
* bleeding with bowel movements at least once a month or once every few months

- November 2016: blood work done with the following results

High: anti-TPO & anti- TG (gyno suspects food sensitivities to why my thyroid is being suppressed - or hypothyroidism, but the other symptoms do not apply to me), also HIGH in cortisol (622 nmol/L), stress related? I was in the middle of midterms

Low: FSH (0.7 IU/L), LH (0.2 IU/L), progesterone and bioavailable testosterone.

- December 2016: bleeding with bowel movement 2x, ASC-US pap, waiting results for the pelvic ultrasound

So my concern is, why are my pap smears jumping from ASC-US to normal? Also, could I have HPV but still test negative, like I did in May? I am going to get off birth control to see if maybe hormonal changes have something to do with all of this. Any advice would be appreciated.
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