ch3ster (ch3ster) wrote in vaginapagina,

High White blood cells/BV/Chlamydia

Hey guys,
I recently had unprotected sex with a guy I've been seeing and started to notice my discharge was a weird color. I'm very prone to BV so I started to take probiotics and that seemed to make it normal after 2 days of taking it (This is just a personal observation for myself). Also, i started to spot on the following thursday and continued til Saturday. Anyway, I went to Planned Parenthood, on a friday, and got everything checked out- I didn't have BV or Yeast, but she said my White Blood Cell count is high which means that I have an infection and that it could possibly be chlamydia or gonorrhea. She gave me medicine only for chlamydia and told me that she'll let me know the urine test in 2-3 business days, possibly tuesday.
This has all happened within a week.
So the only thing that I'm experiencing was the spotting and The off colored discharge that went away 3 days before I went to Planned Parenthood. No pain, nothing. I understand that sometimes not everyone gets symptoms.

So my questions are:
Is there any way that it's not an STI/STD?
Anyone ever experienced this?
How long did it take for planned parenthood los angeles take to contact you?
Did they use patient portal to update?

Also, I took a preg test and it came out negative, for now. I'm going to take one again in a week.
I'm nervous and being alone with these thoughts are driving me crazy. :(
Sorry if this is all over the place.
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