newgirlsophie (newgirlsophie) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sex doesn't feel good.

Sex doesn't feel good.
So im 20 years old saved myself till marriage and about im to be married for a year now... sex to mee just feels like pressure, there is nothing pleasuring about it. I have no clue if it me or if its him,if it has anything to do with my size because im thin, or i just fantasized and expected sex to be good... we have seriously done everything in the book foreplay for hours, different positions, toys, clit simulation, and lube. We have tried going in all the way or just the tip, going slow going fast. It just feels like pressure then at this point of trying all of these things i get turned off and it just hurts, i had even asked my friend for advice because she has had multiple partners and i asked does it ever start to feel good? And she answered no it doesn't. ..? Which doesnt make sense cuz she still does it. And everytime i look it up i find nothing but try new positions, use lube. I need answers
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