silverfoxpuppy (silverfoxpuppy) wrote in vaginapagina,

vagina trouble/transguy on testosterone

Hey :-) i am a trans guy 2,5 years on testosterone and i appreciate the presence of this community of people with the same anatomy and your will in giving advice.. I prefer to be referring to my anatomy in a gender neutral way. So, i am a person who is positive towards sex and penetration was almost never painfull to me unless in a wrong position or if something went wrong. After some months on T i got an infection which i seeked treatment for after 1 year or more, due to my lack of knowledge of what a vagina infection felt like, difficulty in finding a trans friendly doctor etc. During the time of the infection lube, penetration and anything inside the vagina was very painfull, with a burning like sensation. My doctor gave me a treatment for non specific vaginal infection and now things seem allright. Because my body doesn't produce estrogen in the extend this body part needs it to have its normal ph and be healthy i was prescribed lactobacilus that i used until past week and despite using this product was a bit messy everything seems allright.

I am trying to get back in shape because after all this, penetration isn't as easy as it was and i'd really appreciate some advice, i think i've lost part of my elasticity and it's kind of frustrating . Store bought lube still feels uncomfortable and i can't use it, but don't have the money for a healthy fancy lube, do you have any diy or cheaper alternatives that wouldn't feed a future infection ? Also lately things feel better even without the lactobacilus gel, do you have a less messy recomendation ? Like a way to keep the area in the right ph without a coarse antiseptic or a liquid thing. I don't know if i ask too much.. maybe yes but if i don't ask i'll never know ;) anyways thanks for your time , ask me more stuff if that helps to clarify the situation.
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