shellyday (shellyday) wrote in vaginapagina,

colposcopy and odor

Hi Everyone,
I had my first colposcopy in September, when I got my period a couple of weeks later I had a strong vaginal odor, similar to BV. I didn't opt to go in for a test because the pain of the colpo was very stressful and I wanted to give myself a break. My MD said she would call in BV treatment, but then the odor resolved on it's own over the course of my period. Now I have my period again and I have the same foul odor again. I figured the first time around that my period was pushing all the stuff from the colpo out, but I would think that by now I have a whole new uterine lining to shed and everything should be flushed through!  Has anyone heard of this recurring foul vaginal odor from a colpo?
Thanks in advance!
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