barrow-wight (sisterbirch) wrote in vaginapagina,

paragard, part ii

hello! i'm back again. in my last entry i talked about my problems with hormonal birth control – specifically eczema – and i'm happy to report that they've gotten much, much better in just the 2.5 months i've been off hbc.

i had a paragard inserted a couple weeks ago, and it was partially expelled within five days. i don't really know why this happened, but i do fit the profile for a copule risk factors (i'm under 20 and have never had a baby). i didn't have any unusual cramping even before it was expelled – i just checked the strings, realized i could feel the knot at the base of the IUD, and had to get it removed the next day. (apparently it was hanging halfway out my cervix by the time i got to the doctor's office. yay!)

so i'm going to get another one in a few weeks, once i'm on my period again. do any of you have advice for what i should do to possibly help myself not expel it again? i realize it might be out of my hands completely, so if it is, even just some words of encouragement would help.

it's so melodramatic of me, but i feel genuinely heartbroken about this. i can't, can't, can't go back on hormones again, but the non-hormonal options are so thin on the ground. my partner and i already use condoms and were looking forward to (safely) cutting back on them once i got the IUD. if it gets expelled again my doctor says a third isn't worth it. so i guess a diaphragm?? sponges??

maybe it's just 'how i feel,' but this feels like a really devastating problem.

thanks for any support you can provide.

- sb
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