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What the..????

To provide a basic intro...

I'm 38 years old, mom to a three year old girl that we conceived naturally. (only pregnancy ).  I went on Mirena a couple years ago, and had it taken out in April 2016 due to unwanted side effects.  I didn't start getting periods again until around June or July which the doctor said was normal. I'm not on any hormonal BC .

My last period was September 11 and I haven't had one since. Numerous HPT are negative.

I've had a history of irregular periods and this has happened before, but I'm wondering if this could be early menopause? I don't seem to have other symptoms. I also read stories of women that had negative HPT and were still pregnant and it freaks me out, although I know that possibility is incredibly remote and this is rare.

I'm going to see my doctor, just wanted to know your thoughts.
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